How To Get The Hearthome Gym Leader To Come Back


How do you get the 5th gym leader to come back. Once you navigate the gym you will find the gym leader fantina waiting to battle.

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I suggest battling the trainers inside to gain some exp before fighting fantina.

How to get the hearthome gym leader to come back. The hearthome gym is the fifth gym in pokémon diamond and pearl but is encountered before the third and fourth gyms. You need to go to veilstone city and beat the gym leader and team galactic. Fly to solecean town and go north until you get to the place where the psyducks are huddled.

Apr 26 07 at 3 18am pst. Once you beat those gym leaders go through route 212 and battle. The gym leader in hearthome is actually the 5th.

Head to hearthome city but take its southern route which is route 212 continue on through the route and it ll start raining but just keep continuing until you make your way to pastoria city. She should be in the contest hall. Use the spray and they will move out the way.

Eventually you should reach a place called solaceon town. Once inside she ll be somewhere nearby so just walk a bit and talk to her when you do find her. If this is your first time entering hearthome city then don t.

To get to the third take the path east of the city near the south side. Ensure you enter the great marsh since in order to get the defog hm you ll need to talk to a person that has green hair who is by the entrance. Go north through the town and follow the path north and then east.

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However fantina is absent from the gym until after the player has. To get through the gym you need to find a blue tile with a mark on it and find the matching red tile at the northern end of the room.

Go through the route it is very foggy and you get to. The hearthome gym japanese. Trainers who defeat her receive the relic badge.

Then go to pastoria city and beat the gym leader there. It was the one in hearthome city i believe.


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