How To Get The Golf Ball Up In The Air


Because fairway woods have limited loft 15 25 degrees to help get the ball into the air you need the ball forward in your stance. And it just gets worse and worse and worse.

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Understand that the key to getting the ball to go up in the air is to hit down on it and that shots along the ground are signs that you are not getting down enough with your club.

How to get the golf ball up in the air. Take your normal stance then drop your right foot back a few inches letting your head go with it. This means anywhere from around 2 3 inches towards your front foot. That s not a stable position and usually sends the ball short and right.

Remember golf is a game of opposites. A common problem in golf for beginning and inexperienced players is trusting the loft of their clubs to get the ball airborne. Often times with these players you will see motions through the impact zone that are referred to as scooping whereby the golfer adds loft to the club in an effort to help get the ball in the air.

A downward blow where you contact the ball first and then hit a little bit of turf after the ball leaves the club face will not only send the ball back up into the air but it will impart spin on the ball allowing it to check up with control once it hits the green. Watch the golf fix on mondays at 7pm et. Keeping the weight on your front side is crucial when trying to get the golf ball to go into the air.

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Dennise hutton 5 16 i have a little question for our viewers. This encourages the sweeping motion through the golf ball and maximises your chances of solid contact. The reason why keeping our weight over the golf ball helps is so you can correctly come down at the ball at a steeper angle of attack thus popping the golf ball into the air.

So free yourself up allow the body to rotate through. In doing so you are more likely to make contact in the center of the clubface launching the ball in the air at your target by focusing on the ground just in front of the ball you ll help keep. Michael breed host of the golf fix gives a better understanding of how to get the golf ball in the air.

For the ball to go up you must hit down. And if the balls not going up the air people start to sort of get more and more focused on the ball they get bogged right down the body stops the elbows.

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