How To Get Sharpie To Stay On A Shirt


Airing helps get rid of the lingering odor from the sharpies. I have found that after they air for about an hour it helps to heat set the clothing in the dryer for about 10 to 20 minutes.

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It should stay on longer without fading.

How to get sharpie to stay on a shirt. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Next time i suggest using a fabric marker. If your shirt is extremely dirty or has an odor from sweating start the wash cycle with cold water add detergent and after the cycle has gone for about 3 5 minutes stop the cycle and let sit overnight.

For the most long lasting results paint both the front and back of the fabric. This will allow you to work from the backside of the stain forcing it out of the clothing. Apply your chosen solvent directly to the stain.

Sponge the alcohol onto the area around the sharpie stain. If you have a drawing on your t shirt made with a sharpie brand permanent marker you can easily make sure it lasts by taking certain precautions in the care of the shirt. If you have a sharpie stain that just won t budge then there are several stain removal techniques that you can try.

If you want to ask for an autograph on a shirt or hat you are wearing choose a 100 percent natural fiber fabric like cotton or linen. Place a stiff piece of cardboard in between the front and back sides of the clothing. Leave the solvent on the stain for 15 minutes giving it time to break down the bonds.

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The sharpie is a useful tool but it can also cause some stubborn stains. Take a permanent ink marker like a sharpie for the signer to use. Spray it with hairspray for a few seconds over the spot with the sharpie.

Community answer if your shirt has been signed with a permanent marker wash the shirt in cold water with a normal detergent. A marker used to label laundry is even better. Lay out the markers on the table and let them go to it.

A natural fiber fabric will absorb ink better than a synthetic fiber fabric like polyester. Rubbing alcohol methylated spirits and antibacterial hand gels should be applied until the area becomes wet and hairspray should be applied thickly to the area the stain should feel a little damp and sticky. First of all make sure you do not use any type of bleach or stain remover on the drawing.

A sharpie can stain almost anything including fabric walls and skin. Place the ink stained part of the clothing face down on a layer of clean paper towels. Simply paint a thin coating of the paint over all the sharpie lines and let the paint dry.

Another effective way to permanently preserve sharpie ink on a t shirt is to paint over the design with transparent colorless fabric paint.

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