How To Get Rid Of Red Beetles On Tiger Lilies


Add washing up liquid then top up with water. Begin looking for the beetles when they emerge in early spring.

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Take two caps full of neem oil and 4 drops of ivory washing up liquid.

How to get rid of red beetles on tiger lilies. It should be applied every 5 7 days throughout early summer. There are two organic sprays that are relatively effective against the red lily leaf beetle. To make it use a couple of cloves crushed or finely chopped leave to diffuse in boiling water for five minutes then filter the pulp will block the sprayer into a spray bottle.

How to control lily beetles in the fall come autumn red lily beetles overwinter in the soil surrounding the lily stalks. This will treat the leaves and the foliage. I still have some beetles and twice daily i go.

Spraying insecticide isn t the only way to get rid of red lily beetles. Drown the beetles by pushing them into a container with soapy water. The more beetles you catch on this side of spring the better.

Then mix a few tablespoons of liquid soap into a gallon of water and pour the. To catch hibernating lily beetles loosen up the first 2 3 of soil around the stalk of the lilies after the first few frosts to disrupt their napping. Oriental rubrum tiger and trumpet lilies as well as oriental trumpets orienpets and turk s cap lilies and native north american lily species are all vulnerable but the beetle prefers some types more than others.

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Keep the plant healthy and cultivate the soil around the lilies plants just in case that s where they re hiding. Mix with water in a spray bottle and apply it to the plants. Look for eggs on the underside of leaves and brush the eggs.

I literally pulled about 6 8 of my lilies and just tossed them out because they were so bad and distressing me i even tossed out the soil around them. Garlic and water spray deters the red beetles but it does not kill them. My asiatic lilies were attacked by the lily beetles last year.

The red lily beetle is highly destructive to lilies. If the number of the red lily beetle is minimum you can pick the insect by hand. Liberally apply dimethoate all around the soil of your garden where lilies and fritillaries are located.

This year they the red lily leaf beetles are back in my garden. Soak the soil with dimethoate an insecticide available at your local nursery. Neem an extract of the neem tree azadirachta indica will kill young larvae.

The lily leaf beetle lays eggs and completes its life cycle exclusively on true lilies and fritillaria daylilies are not affected. Keep te pulp in a sealed jar to use next time you ll get four or five uses from one pulp. I spray the soil and under leaves as often as i need to if i find any.

Also you can follow a few methods to control the red lily beetle. If you want your flowers to thrive you must get rid of the red lily bugs as soon as possible. For both spray coverage must be heavy and complete.

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Here are the methods method 1 handpicking. By connie oswald stofko here s a question from a reader.

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