How To Get Rid Of Mosquito Larvae In Water Feature


Mosquito larva breathe air through a little tube while they float on the surface so oil remedies are designed to cut off their air supply. You can also apply cinnamon oil on your skin to keep mosquitoes away.

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A single milliliter of soap in a gallon of water will kill most mosquito larvae in a day.

How to get rid of mosquito larvae in water feature. A 15 percent solution of bleach kills all mosquito larva and eggs within six hours. Mosquitoes love warm still water often found in water features and even planters. It only takes a few drops to form a microscopically thin sheen across the water.

By installing a water feature which is at least two feet deep you will be creating suboptimal conditions for larvae since they like shallow water. You can try a horticultural spray oil. It will kill mosquito larvae fast.

Only add bleach to the water if fish are not present and there are no plants that the bleach can affect. Add 15ml of cinnamon oil to 100ml of water. Apply just a little to avoid a sticky feeling.

Moreover adding 5 cinnamon into the water fountain will kill all the mosquito larvae within 24 hours. Add common household bleach to the water in your fountain each week to kill mosquito eggs and larva. Using the fountain s instruction manual for reference clean the basin and pump mechanism carefully to remove all existing mosquito larvae.

Once the larvae hatch your house can become quickly overrun with mosquitoes that are hard to get rid of. Maximizing water flow in your pond is the best way to naturally prevent mosquitoes from breeding on your water. For your water fountain you can sprinkle cinnamon powder or let a few cinnamon barks float around.

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Aeration and water movement can be achieved with pumps water falls and fountains. To get rid of mosquito larvae simply put some dish soap or shampoo into standing water. Go deep and make it steep water will always attract mosquitoes so your best approach is to eliminate potential breeding sites.

Refill the fountain with clean water and engage the pump. The extracts and oils from these barks will mix with the water and make it unappealing for mosquitoes. You can prevent mosquitoes from making your water feature their home with a few simple steps.

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