How To Get Rid Of Flea Beetles On Potato Plants


Growing certain strong smelling plants in the garden that tend to repel flea beetles. This handles even the toughest beetles like the pigweed or alder beetles and can get rid of them in a jiffy.

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Naturally derived spinosad and permethrin are two control agents that can provide some assistance in eradicating the beetles.

How to get rid of flea beetles on potato plants. The flea beetle lifecycle. The most reliable method on how to get rid of flea beetles is with an insecticidal dust. It also interferes with insects ability to reproduce slowing down the lifecycles.

To scout for larval damage check the roots of a few plants or the tubers of potato plants to look for the whitish larvae munching away or furrowing grooves in your tubers. Insecticidal soaps work well to kill flea beetles on your plants. You can buy cinnamon sticks or powder and then use it around your plants.

Spraying plant leaves with neem oil can get rid of flea beetles and discourage them from feeding on the leaves. Bacillus thuringiensis is the most popular choice. Another way that you can get rid of potato bugs is to spray your plants with a microbial solution.

This bug is a mostly black beetle that targets potato plants. If some of the plants in your vegetable garden are riddled with small holes there is a good chance you have flea beetles. Cinnamon is a natural flea beetle repellent.

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Https bit ly 2lpkdmp subscribe to the channel. Https bit ly 2laafhl visit our blog. Preventive steps that you can take include.

Free pest cheat sheet. Adult beetles reach about 3 8 inch long and have oval bodies with black and yellow orange striped shells. Consistent applications are necessary because of the mobility of the pests.

This is a mostly black bug that targets eggplants. Potato flea beetle on a leaf showing feeding damage. Cinnamon is another awesome home remedy to get rid of flea beetles.

Flea beetles are a group of small leaf beetles that range in size from 1 16 to 1 8 of an inch long in various shades of black bronze brown blue and gray depending on species. Female beetles lay clusters of bright yellow orange eggs on the undersides of plant leaves. However it has to make direct contact to work.

A beetle with striped wings with a shiny black or greenish carapace. Flea beetles lay their eggs at the bottom of plant stems. Steps to take for flea beetle control the best way to control flea beetles is not to let them gain a foothold in your garden in the first place.

It s a natural bacterial disease that you can use to control potato beetles if applied to the insects while they re still in the larval stage.

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