How To Get Past Level 34 On Rotate And Roll


Level 16 just let the fans blow you into the stars then get to the bubble. After you get the last side one rotate it so you are on the outside on the maze then roll to the bubble.

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This will rotate snap it to 45 or 30 increments.

How to get past level 34 on rotate and roll. Level 18 fist get the blue ball into the middle square. If you also hold down the alt key the token will rotate in much finer increments. This feature is not available right now.

First go straight on the opposite way of the star when you get almost to the end you get ready to be able to jump on the ledge once you have got the star go back and straight into the bubble. Scale gm exclusive the scale gizmo is the bounding box that surrounds a selected image. Then climb up to the ledge beside the ladder don t use the ladder then drop down onto the next.

Just keep on rolling past the boss what ever. Then use the other balls to. This one is kinda hard if you wanna keep hiting the arrow keys that is how i passed it but u can hit the left or right button then right after hit the opposite button but make sure it is right after this uses the wooden ball to hit u farther over the spikie ball type thingys the just try to get it in the bubble like all of the other levels.

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Right after you restart move to the right really fast so you land in the part with the coin. If you click and drag the nodes on either the top or bottom of the bounding box you will vertically scale the image. Then move at a medium fast speed to the right and when you almost reach the end of that board move.

How do you get passed level 34 on rotate and roll. Level 17 get the star in the middle and then get the 2 at the sides. Please try again later.

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