How To Get My 15 Month Old To Walk


The later the child walks the longer the time their bones have to develop properly. During this exciting time you can help baby gain his confidence.

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Just make sure he s got plenty of time on the floor to try.

How to get my 15 month old to walk. Make sure to take breaks here and there. But our family doctor told us not to worry because evan was developing well and meeting his other milestones. Asks from portland tn on may 14 2008 40 answers.

Most toddlers begin walking between 12 and 15 months. Keep in mind all babies are different so your baby may have to really work to learn how to walk or just start walking out of the blue. Between 13 and 15 months all of your child s energy will be focused on taking those first unsupported steps says deann davies a child development specialist at healthy steps a pediatric care.

Most babies begin walking some time between 10 and 18 months old. Sure enough by the time he was 16 months evan was cruising. Most children will walk by 15 months old and some children walk as early as 8 to 9 months old.

Anywhere from 9 to 18 months is considered a normal age to reach this milestone. Our son wasn t in any hurry either. This fades after 2 months.

At 3 4 months children will begin lifting their upper body when lying on their stomach. Infant play grocery carts or musical walking toys with. But they have to go from crawling to pulling up to cruising to get there.

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He will walk while pushing his car or firetruck. Babies will have a step reflex between birth and 2 months. At 15 months my son evan was still not walking everyone kept asking is he walking yet my daycare provider would bicycle his little legs to try to speed up the process.

Updated on may 21 2008 t m. Offering safe age appropriate push toys not infant walkers more on this below can inspire your child to walk while picking up some speed. He will walk along while holding the furniture or wall.

They will move their legs in a walking motion when held upright with their feet on a hard surface. Cant get my 15 month old to walk. He will walk while holding your hand.

My son just turned 15 months old. Fancy photography veer from 4 15 months your baby goes from learning how to sit up to walking around the house on his own. She didn t take a step on her own until she was 17 1 2 months old.

At 15 months our daughter would only walk while holding one of our fingers.

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