How To Get Cucumbers To Grow Up A Trellis


When planting cucumbers straight in the ground plant a few seeds every foot along the bottom of the trellis. Don t worry training cucumbers on a trellis isn t hard.

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As the cucumbers start to grow encourage them to grow up the cucumber fences by gently positioning the emerging vine on the fence.

How to get cucumbers to grow up a trellis. Waiting to plant the cucumbers until after you build the trellis prevents your cucumbers from getting root damage. Without support cucumbers will crawl along the ground spreading out to take up a large space in your garden. Plant the seeds 1 deep.

Create rows that are spaced directly beneath the bottom netting bars. You can gently wrap or weave the stems around the trellis and the tendrils will grab on as they grow. When the seedlings start to grow thin out the weaker plants from each bunch leaving one to climb the trellis.

It is not beautiful but it does the trick nicely. If you are growing compact bush cucumbers a trellis is not necessary. Plant your cucumbers below the trellis.

Once the cucumber vine starts to wrap its tendrils around the wire you can stop helping it as it will continue to climb on its own. Some cucumber varieties can grow as high as 6 to 7 feet tall while other varieties will be less than one foot tall. Once fruit appears you don t need to do anything else.

When starting indoors put one seed in each section of a seedling tray. However any cucumber can only grow as tall as the trellis or support that it uses to climb. Space the cucumber plants 1 ft 30 cm apart from one another.

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This will keep the roots healthy and promote growth. Select a sunny growing location that has 4 6 feet of overhead vertical space to accommodate a trellis and the growing cucumber vine. Cucumber vines don t always need to be tied to the support though.

I admit i am not the handiest person with a hammer and bolts so i just used some old wire fence posts and jute to tie up my cucumber trellis in a square shape. A trellis saves garden space makes it easier to see the hanging fruits and protects them from being nibbled by soil critters. The most productive and common cucumber varieties are vine cucumbers which can really benefit from growing vertically on a trellis.

An added benefit of giving cucumbers supports is that they will be easier to harvest less prone to diseases and the fruit will be cleaner. Cucumbers need at least six hours of direct sunlight each day. Alternatively you can insert the trellis first and plant cucumber seeds around the base to help guide the growth.

To train cucumbers to grow vertically you can gently straighten the unruly vines and attach them to their support. Prune the cucumber plant wait until your cucumber plant begins to sprout then use pruners to trim the leaves along the bottom to allow for optimal air flow.

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