How To Get An Orchid To Bloom A Second Time


The amount of fertilizer you use will depend on the season flowering or resting. A temperature of about 60 f 16 c is ideal for triggering a rebloom.

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Your orchid will have to experience these conditions for about 3 4 weeks before starting to rebloom.

How to get an orchid to bloom a second time. Some of gerritsen s will bloom for eight to ten months first cut off the old flower stalk at the base of the plant. Experiencing cooler temperatures tells the orchid that it s time to rebloom. For phalaenopsis orchids provide night temperatures of 60 f 15 5 c and day temperatures of 80 f 25 c.

One to two weeks of nightly temperature drops will usually trigger an orchid to bloom as long as it s the right time of their growth cycle. The second step also tries to mirror and imitate the external environment that the orchid would experience in nature. If you are trying to make an orchid rebloom the first thing to try is moving the plant to a brighter location.

Vanda orchids bloom two to three times a year with each bloom cycle lasting up to six weeks. Fertilizing regularly can help you increase the chances of your phalaenopsis orchid blooming in the second year and beyond. Sympodial orchids have multiple growths and usually grow one or more new growths per year.

The second thing you should do to help keep your orchids blooms is to keep the temperature in your orchids growing area a little on the cool side. Move the orchid to a cooler place. Also make sure that the leaves are free of dust and dirt.

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The best place to put an orchid is in a south or east facing window. How to make an orchid grow another stem. You can achieve this by simply placing the orchid in a basement.

Place the orchid in a dark place. Identify your orchid and then you can learn about its natural blooming cycle. Buying an orchid plant in bloom isn t necessarily a sign of when the plant should bloom as growers can induce bloom in the greenhouse by altering light and temperature.

Even a thin layer of dust can block the light. Then put your moth orchid in a room in your house that simulates the conditions that will cause it to flower again. Orchids are a spectacular variety of long lasting fragrant flowering plants with glowing colors and unique forms.

Many varieties of orchids typically bloom when the weather is cooler so keeping the temperature nice and cool will be a favorable environment for your orchid to bloom. Before you go to bed each night turn your thermostat down by 10 degrees. The goal is to get your moth orchid to bloom at least once a year for several months.

In order to keep blooming over the years monopodial orchids such as phalaenopsis need to put on new leaves each year. Move your orchid from where you typically place it on a table desk or window sill. Over time as the orchid grows in size and strength it will send out a bloom spike on each side of the stem simultaneously.

With more than 24 000 species of orchid. Plants will typically bloom the second time in the spring to early summer.

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