How To Draw A Zebra Easy

Dont use too much pressure when drawing these guidelines because you will erase all of them later on. Use smooth short lines to connect the circles.

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Further in the lower left side of the head draw an arched line just like in our picture.

How to draw a zebra easy. Outline the snout on the end of the small oval and a mark for the eyes. Attach both ovals forming the neck. The largest circle is located in the center.

Once youve sketched the body draw some curving lines for a mane and tail. Next draw a circle to the right of the head with curving lines connecting the head and rear. Sketch the neck using a long line and a short one.

Draw a shorter line in the front to make the neck. Nov 06 2018 Learn how to draw a cartoon zebra with us. Start by drawing a rounded trapezoid shape with the top wider than the bottom to form the zeras head.

Draw two parallel lines between the head and body and you will have the neck of the future zebra. This circle is going to be the head of the zebra. Draw ears on the head draw a curve above the oval and circle to form the upper body line.

Keep all the lines that you draw with the graphite pen as light as possible. Howtodraw artforkidshub ART SUPPLIES we love Amazon affiliate links. Jul 22 2013 To draw a zebra start by drawing an oval with a circle connected to the bottom of it for the head.

It curves down toward the middle of the back curves up and then down again at the rump. Draw a horizontal oval and a small vertical oval. Zebra legs appear as long lines with slight curves.

Draw a rounded rectangle to form the zebras body at the lower left of the first shape. Also add guidelines for the legs. Then add two smaller ovals at the top for ears.

Now at the top of the head draw two rounded ears. How to Draw Zebra. Starting at the bottom of the neck line draw the long.

First outline the approximate contours of the body of the animal using circles and sticks. Dec 22 2020 Draw the neck and ears. Mar 22 2014 How To Draw a Zebra Step 1 Start your drawing by making a large bean shape picture 1.

Draw two small somewhat curvy almost parallel lines from the right side of the bean for the neck followed by a somewhat oval shape for the head. Use your graphite pencil and start by drawing a simple circle. The smallest circle is at the top.

Make it as big as you want your zebra to be as it will later be the body. Overlapping to the big oval draw a circle. So we start a guide on how to draw a zebra easy.


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