How Much Does It Cost To Get A Sinus Surgery


The average cost of deviated septum surgery in the us according to costaide is 8 131. If you need to take antibiotics before surgery the surgeon will prescribe them.

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How much does sinus surgery cost.

How much does it cost to get a sinus surgery. The fee to undergo a septoplasty mainly depends on a few factors. Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can shop compare prices and save. The procedure is typically covered by health insurance if your sinus issues have been well documented through exams a ct scan and over the counter and antibiotic medications.

On mdsave the cost of an endoscopic sinus surgery ranges from 7 236 to 11 478. How much does it cost. However costs can vary from state to state and hospital to hospital.

These costs are per side and may be higher depending on how complex the work is and how much bone graft material is required. On average anesthesia costs range between 100 and 5 000 per case. The cost of surgery.

How much does an endoscopic sinus surgery cost. Where there is more bone graft material required the cost of the surgery typically increases. Insurance may cover some or all of this cost.

As shown in the explanation of benefits above. Facilities fees a facility fee is the final cost included in a sinus surgery procedure. On average a sinus lift costs between 1 500 to 2 500 per side meaning you may pay up to 5 000 if you need to lift both sides.

The lower end being 5 152 and the higher end 12 633. As you could expect i was a bit shocked to find out that the price tag was this high. If you have already received a quote for implants check whether this includes any preparatory work like bone grafts and sinus surgery.

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The cost for a sinus lift is usually between 1 500 for a small and simple lift to 5 000 for more complicated cases. You want to ensure you are working with a thorough and qualified professional when considering major surgery. 7 000 range of 5 500 to 8 500 the total cost before insurance is approximately 18 700.

Dentists charge anywhere from around 1 500 to 5 000 in the us. Because it s a dental procedure standard health insurance likely will not cover it. Please note costs will vary by plan doctor hospital etc.

I am showing you what i was charged to give you a general idea of what septoplasty and endoscopic sinus surgery costs.

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