Easy Gods To Play Smite


You can try all the gods for free in jungle practice this would let you get used to their abilities though it wouldnt prepare you for gameplay aginst decent players it would give you some idea as to how much damage they. Seriously Ah Puch is by far the easiest mage to play.

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DM recommends new mid players play Agni and dont use his dash at all to learn positioning and creative ability usage.

Easy gods to play smite. This is a great first character to work on for a newb. He may not have a dash or jump but his AoE damage is so cheap you can barely go wrong with him. This is the Tier list for god difficulty in order from easiest at D to Hardest at SS.

Generally the support is a more experienced player but on a team of all noobs this role should be taken by. Ra Agni Scylla Janus. Use your ult turn around use 132 on your crippled foes.

After successfully killing the hostile minions and characters you will get gold which is essential for promoting the character and proceeding in the game. Rank for the gods is on ease of learning curve to play acceptably from 1 being hardest and 10 being easiest. Although he is incredibly strong in the right hands he is by no means easy to play as.

Players choose from a selection of gods join session-based arena combat and use custom powers and team tactics against other players and minions. Smite draws its roster from ancient mythology. I heavily disagree with everyone posting Kukulkan.

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Jul 04 2020 Bastet the Egyptian God of Cats is one of Smites strongest and yet still most beginner-friendly melee assassins. Smite is inspired by Defense of the Ancients DotA but instead of being above the action the third-person camera brings you right into the combat. 1 day ago SMITE best gods are gently based on real-world heroes.

Support is the catch-all term for the utility man on a Smite team. Abilities Unless her kit is majorly reworked which is highly unlikely Athena will always be one of the best gods in SMITE and certainly one of if not the best Guardian in the game. Easy gods dont teach you enough about the game.

Sep 09 2015 Best Smite gods. Raijin is the strongest mage in the game but he doesnt teach you anything about most mages. There are effective gods of all types who can play mid its just a question of preference.

He is another guardian but can still securehelp teammates get kills easily. Guan Yu free Warriors are a solid choice for this role and conveniently one of the starter gods fits this bill quite nicely. Dec 07 2020 SMITE – God Reveal – Athena Goddess of Wisdom.

Oct 06 2015 Cabrakan is one that people complain about a lot and is fairly easy to play too. Lets start with the original 5. Her ult is a stun Which makes your autoattacks.

If you want to promote the characters you would have to gain experience by killing hostile characters or miners. Bastets kit is focused around mobility and high damage over time abilities making her a pain to shake off once she finds your scent – literally. S represents the more difficult gods while below A represents much more readily friendly gods to learn.

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She is the quintessential support with a kit built around bolstering allies and peeling enemies. A level is around average in difficulty being not to hard yet needing attention and a good understanding of the games spectrum. Gods are pulled from all over the world with the more well known mythos having more characters in the game.

Aug 22 2015 This generally means mages but not always. A beginners guide to Smite. Smite is an online battleground between mythical gods.

If anything you should be playing the hardest gods in the game that arent good.