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Completion of the clue scroll will either give a scroll box easy containing another clue or a reward casket easy containing rewards for completing the treasure trail. They contain the rewards for that trail.

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This article is about the current version of the easy reward casket.

Easy clue scroll rewards osrs. Easy clue scrolls are between 3 to 5 clues long 2 to 4 with the Totem of Treasure. Easy clue scroll rewards range from as few as 100 coins to over 1200000 coins if a suitcase is obtained. The locks on the reward casket have been changed to reflect the tier of Treasure Trail it comes from.

To save yourself some time skip to 500 minutes in35-40 clues per hour guide. For the historical version see Casket easy. Easy clue scroll rewards range from as few as 100 coins to over 600000 coins if a Suitcase is obtained.

The average easy clue scroll reward is valued at 5000 goldAs well as unique Treasure Trails rewards players may also receive a variety of items such as black armour black weapons oak planks willow shortbows coifs leather armour yew shortbows salmon trout elemental talismans and steel pickaxes. Possible rewards from easy clue scroll are the trimmed variants of bronze iron and black armour. Goblins – Goblins drop easy clue scrolls at a 1128 drop rate.

Players can only have one of each type of reward casket or clue scroll in their possession. 99 rows Beginner clue scrolls are the easiest to obtain and complete and offer low rewards in. If anybody wants to take a crack at calulating the odds o.

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While players can only have one of each type of clue scroll in their possession they can possess unlimited amounts of reward caskets and are eligible to receive clue scrolls again once it is obtained. Hard clue scrolls can range from a few thousand coins to over 820000000 coins if a rare Shadow dye is obtained. A good consistent source of easy clues can be done the following.

Medium clue scroll can range from a few thousand coins to over 1400000 coins if a pair of ranger boots are obtained. There are five tiers of reward caskets. In addition to.

A Reward casket easy is received after from completing the final clue scroll of an easy clue scroll trail and contains the reward for the trail. Their low hitpoints and great numbers in a tight space make it very easy for players to get clue scrolls this way. It can also be obtained from spotting an agent penguin in Penguin Hide and Seek.

130 rows A reward casket easy is received after completing the final clue of an easy clue. Hey guys so today I thought it would be fun to have a look at the rarest clue scrolls of all time. The Holy sandals are now available as a reward from medium clue scrolls.

An easy Treasure Trail can have between 3 and 5 steps. Reward caskets are chests found at the end of every Treasure Trail. Reward casket easy Reward casket medium Reward casket hard Reward casket elite Reward casket master.

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