Application Of Set Theory In Daily Life

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Concentrate on one or two theories that seem to focus on the main problems in your life and read the theory in greater depth.

Application of set theory in daily life. Passys World of Mathematics. The power of Venn diagram lie in its simplicity. Set Theory Sets In Everyday Life This is a way of grouping elements that are not necessarily in the same family.

Among such applications were fuzzy logic-controlled cement kilns and production of steel. The use of Venn Diagrams is the most common way of realizing the grouping. Objects can be numbers alphabets etc.

In this post we will take a look at several real world uses of Venn Diagrams and Set Theory. One might say that set theory was born in late 1873 when he made the amazing discovery that the linear continuum that is the real line is not countable meaning that its points cannot be counted using the natural numbers. However there are many other uses of Venn diagrams that you can take advantage of during your daily routines.

EBay and Set Theory. When we use eBay or any other shopping search engines set theory is involved. In the areas pertaining to statistics it is particularly used in probability.

For instance say you are building a sloped roof. A set can be compared to with others that has similarities with its integers. For instance if you find yourself in a difficult relationship and need help resolving your conflict the cognitive dissonance theory which points to a dissonance between your actions and your beliefs may help you overcome your relationship frustrations.

Sets are the term used in mathematics which means the collection of any objects or collection. View the problems posted by your classmates and respond to at least two. APPLICATION OF FUZZY SET THEORY TO ROCK ENGINEERING January 21 2016 17.

Third aplication Logical aplication. One area that has surprisingly far-reaching applications is the theory of sets. Present the problem and the solution to the rest of the class.

These all are sets and we come to their usage in our daily life. Applications of set theory Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance and to provide you with relevant advertising. Applications Of Set Theory Because of its very general or abstract nature set theory has many applications in other branches of mathematics.

Yes SET theory is applicable in our real life situation also. Second aplication Linguistic aplication. More scientifically a set is a collection of well-defined objects.

Sets are one of the most basic objects in mathematics since we almost always have a collection of things we are. EtcThe Objects of a set are called element or members of the set. The first significant real-life applications of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic began to appear in the late seventies and early eighties.

They are frequently used in mathematics to understand set theory and also used to do various comparisons in the classroom. Application of Set Theory Pick a real problem and try to solve it using the general problem solving strategies from this module. Venn diagrams are commonly associated with education.

An example of a logical aplication is using the rules of inference. An example of a linguistic aplication is using natural language like English for the Americans or Spanish for Mexicans. Apart from their mathematical usage we use sets in our daily life.

Set theory is a mathematical abstract concerned with the grouping of sets of numbers that have commonality. The schemes like Flat 50 off Buy one get one free etc are seen on most of the stores. If systems like eBay stored all of their items in one giant database set then it would take much longer.

One cute application of Cantors results in set theory is the existence of transcendental numbers. Applications of Set Theory Set theory is used throughout mathematics. The first consumer product was Matsushitas shower head 1986.

Set theory as a separate mathematical discipline begins in the work of Georg Cantor. This application is frequently used in architecture woodworking or other physical construction projects. As we know that Set is a collection of distinct objects of same type or class of objects.

In the branch called analysis of which differential and integral calculus are important parts an understanding of limit points and what is meant by the continuity of a function are based on set theory. Since the set of algebraic numbers is countable while the continuum is not there must exist uncountably many transcendentals in particular theres at least one. Given two straight lines the Pythagorean Theorem allows you to calculate the length of the diagonal connecting them.

It is used as a foundation for many subfields of mathematics.

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