Another Word For Easy Going


A minor problem with an easy solution. Synonyms antonyms and related words.

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Apr 18 2021 adjective.

Another word for easy going. Athenians have a very easy-going attitude to life. Definitions of congenial adjective. Cheap downhill effortless facile fluent fluid.

Affable breezy devil-may-care happy-go-lucky laid-back low-pressure mellow. Search words or phrases to find synonyms antonyms and related words all distinguished by color and. Related terms meaning and usage Lists.

Having a kindly disposition. An easy way of behaving shows that you are happy confident and not worried about anything. Agreeable pleasant delectable delightful enjoyable and so on.

A job a relationship my savings account. Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged The American Heritage Rogets Thesaurus and WordNet. They have a very easy-going attitude to life.

State care. Easy come easy go Used especially in spoken English to indicate that a relationship or possession acquired without effort may be abandoned or lost without regret. Be at peace with the world idiom.

Lax weak. Easy come easy. If you describe someone as easy-going you mean that they are not easily annoyed worried or upset and you think this is a good quality.

As you might expect for such a vaguely approving word there are many synonyms. As cool as a cucumber idiom. Showing no interest vigor determination or enthusiasm.

The thesaurus contains more than 145800 unique entries from three top sources. In a confident and relaxed way. Antonyms for easy include difficult challenging uneasy complex complicated hard impossible laborious grueling and gruelling.

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It was easy come easy go. Related words and phrases. State jolly.

Find more opposite words at. Requiring or involving very little or no effort. Relaxed easy liberal calm More Synonyms of easy-going.

Amenable calm carefree casual complacent easy easy-oasy slang even-tempered flexible happy-go-lucky indulgent insouciant laid-back informal lenient liberal mild moderate nonchalant permissive placid relaxed serene tolerant unconcerned uncritical undemanding unhurried. Appearing relaxed informal and cheerily brisk. Approval He was easy-going and good-natured.

At your leisure idiom. 1 involving minimal difficulty or effort. Most related wordsphrases with sentence examples define Easy-going life meaning and usage.

An easy-going young man with a casual approach to life. Adjective relaxed easy liberal calm flexible mild casual tolerant laid-back informal indulgent serene lenient carefree placid unconcerned amenable permissive happy-go-lucky unhurried nonchalant insouciant even-tempered easy-peasy slang They have a. She remembered her years of carefree youth.

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